At the entrance, zinnias exit

Zinnias flourished this summer along the front walk.

It’s officially fall, and the zinnias I planted along the front walk right after we moved in are looking a more colorful again after the furnace blast of August and early September. Too bad it’s time for them to go; tomorrow the concrete walk comes out to make way for a curvier path of gray gravel.

They’ve been cheerful and welcoming.

I’ve saved the bulbine that waved above zinnias. A pair of Mexican feather grasses will also be transplanted to the new garden.

Buckets of bulbine awaiting a new spot in the garden.

Excited to get things underway, but it’s hard to say goodbye. This is where Pops’ pitchers come in handy. Boxes of other knick-knacks are still stowed away but this small collection that once belonged to Don’s dad are a fixture on our kitchen windowsill.

The last of the zinnias, saved for the table.

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